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If the people are to survive they must educate themselves as to their present situation. Ignorance of your enslavement, in this day and age, is inexcusable and perhaps could be fatal.

The government has stockpiled billions of rounds of ammunition, not for an invading army but for you the American people. What we thought was once a great nation is now an enemy force. This enemy has subverted everything that is good and created a beast. The beast has invaded every aspect of our lives. We no longer have privacy, all of our communications are stored and analyzed by computers. The beast no longer lets you travel unmolested.

The beast keeps the populace in a state of fear and creates perpetual war. The beast will not nonviolently give up it's power to the people. Power must be taken, it is never given. Power is the ability to act, but to act you must know the beast and how the beast operates.

We now understand the United States is owned and operated by the Rothschild banking empire. President Trump is nothing more than a proxy, hand puppet, of the Rothschild's. Democrats and Republicans are two systems of corruption vying for control of the wealth, resources and people of this country. They keep you divided and unable to fight back. These two systems of corruption have the same goal, your total enslavement.

Unity is the only way people can take back the power from the beast. Do not obey the beast, do not comply with the orders of the beast, resist the beast in every way and on every occasion. Be armed, not only with weapons, but with the truth and righous indignation.

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