Monday, May 21, 2018

Chemo Kills

Patrick Swayze was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in March 2008. Although GcMAF successfully treats pancreatic cancer,  it was concealed from him, the usual practice for oncologists. They gave him chemotherapy, the effects on his looks were ghastly,  and he died in September 2009.

Oncologists routinely tell two lies:
1. "You'll be dead in x months if you don't take chemotherapy"
2. "Chemotherapy is the only option" - when there are a dozen options, the worst of which is chemotherapy.
With these lies they murder an estimated one million a year for profit.
The average round of chemo costs $60,000. And that's just one round. It is a $200 billion dollar industry.
8.7 million die a year of cancer. In wealthy countries like the USA and Britain, half die of the chemotherapy, not the cancer. Chemo maims ten million a year globally.
Chemotherapy is a 100 year old poison that started life out as World War One mustard gas.
In the Auschwitz concentration camp they experimented on inmates and used it as a medicine.
Every doctor who prescribes chemo breaks his hippocratic oath to "administer no poison"
The chemo lobby is possibly the most powerful in the world. They've changed the laws in most western countries so that only their product, the poison of chemotherapy, is allowed to be prescribed by doctors. And good, life saving treatments for cancer, of which there are many, are concealed from patients, who are pressured into chemo, usually with ghastly results.
The side effects of chemo can be horrific - your organs may pack up, you may lose the sight of one or both eyes, you get "chemo brain" where your brain is often permanently damaged and you can't function, you may become unable to walk; losing all your hair is irrelevant by comparison.
Many of these side effects are permanent.
 Some believe they were cured by chemo. If chemo cured them, just the paleo diet would have done a far better job, and without side effects.

Chemo drugs accidentally spilled on a nurses hand
Licensed prescription drugs are the number 4 cause of death (106,000) in the USA , and they maim 2 million a year (eg, They don't give figures for the rest of the western world, but if we count western population at 1.5 Billion, prescription  drugs kill 530, 000 a year. Chemotherapy deaths aren't included, they are counted as cancer deaths. But in the West, chemo deaths must be one million and maim 10 million annually.
The US and UK governments killed 1.5 million in Iraq on the basis of lies about weapons of mass destruction they knew did not exist. The medical/pharmaceutical world kills more than that every year, and is even more corrupt than the political/governmental world.
in 2004 the Journal of Clinical Oncology did a massive study on chemo results. They found that chemo was beneficial in just 2.3%  of cases, ie, chemo was destructive in 97.7% of cases.
Worse, chemo usually destroys your immune system and blood counts, so, particularly in stage 4, you are likely to to catch some infection you would normally have fought off, and die from it.
Many chemo drugs are listed as "a known carcinogen." The poison is so powerful that nurses who administer it have to be protected from it with gloves and monthly tests. Some chemos can't become safe even if they are heated to 1,800 degrees centigrade.
John Cairns of Harvard University published in Scientific American that chemo drugs help, at most, one in 20 of the people they are given to.
Chemo makes cancer cells immortal "When chemotherapy (is given) to kill the bulk of your cancer cells, a small remnant of these stem cells regenerate and renew the cancer, too" Siddhartha Mukherjee, MD "The Emperor of All Maladies"
According to the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Seattle, Washington, USA in their WNT16B paper, cancer cells become resistant to chemo, "chemotherapy resistance" which makes the disease worse.
Yes, chemo may shrink a tumour, but it makes the cancer come back stronger. In particular it usually creates the secondaries that kill you 2 years later.
With no regard to ethics, chemo is approved by the FDA in the USA, and by the MHRA in the UK.  See:
Chemotherapy is such a huge failure that since the 2004 study, cancer has overtaken heart disease to become the number one cause of death in Britain.

In the Western World, chemotherapy deaths are recorded as cancer deaths, not drug deaths.
Nearly all of these cancers can be cured by inexpensive scientific breakthroughs that are successfully suppressed in the media.

Because of Britain's corrupt 1939 Cancer Act, which make it illegal to discuss the possibility that cancer can be cured, and the MHRA, who license drugs that kill, more people die in the UK than anywhere else in Europe; 160,000 every year. Almost all of them unnecessarily. Those mum's trying to take their kids abroad, while Britain's evil courts try to stop them, are doing exactly the right thing.
It is the chemotherapy industry, and their stranglehold over the UK medical establishment, that Lord Maurice Saatchi was fighting.  His Medical Innovation Act, allowing non chemo treatments to be used,  was signed into law by the Queen in March 2016. Big Pharma, who has their men sitting on every government Health department, flatly refused to implement it. Saatchi really needs to abolish the MHRA and repeal the 1939 Cancer act too. has a link to the petition to disband the MHRA, which has 9,000 signatures in 4 months.
See for an overview of how Big Pharma, the FDA and the MHRA work. And look at the Big Pharma Death Clock:

There are a dozen cancer treatments better than chemotherapy, all without side effects, all denied to us.

Source: Chemo Kills


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