Wednesday, February 21, 2018

100% Proof Americans Are Being Brainwashed

This is 100% brainwashing of the American people. This guy is either brainwashed himself or he is a government Psy-op agent or both. The state run media presents this as what we all should do, because it's for the children. What bullshit! If you want to protect children get them out of state run indoctrination centers, which are nothing but gun free zones. The Zionist run government in DC does not give a shit about you or me. These fake shootings will continue until we end it. And we can't end it until we get rid of the psychopaths that people vote for. Why these son-of-a-bitches called our representatives care more about Israel than their own country. This will ultimately be what it comes down to, the people of The United States against agents of the Israeli government, which has infected this country from top to bottom.  

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