Saturday, January 20, 2018

Pig Shoots and Kills Unarmed 16 Year Old Boy


Portrait of a young man that needed help.
He did not need to be shot.

A Franklin County sheriff’s office pig did not like being knocked to the ground by a 16 year old boy who was protecting his mother, so said pig pulled out his gat and fired a single shot killing Joseph Edward Haynes. The Franklin County sheriff’s office would not immediately identify the killer pig because they protect their own.  Geraldine Haynes, his grandmother witnessed the horrid event as it occurred.  
Eyewitness Cellphone Video  

Haynes was shot in the abdomen just before this video starts, then we see the killer pig bent over the body.  As his mother screams "you shot my son" she is dragged out of the room by another fat pig.
 You see these communist enforcers are TRAINED to be brutal, violent, and to spread terror across their turf at every opportunity,.. and this story is just one example of that truth being realized.

This is not the exception, this is the norm for these cops, and this stops only when the American people realize the truth, and then dismantle this Zionist-communist-jew terror state apparatus, called the police.

Short of that, YOU are ALWAYS susceptible to on-the-spot execution, as that is part of the required job of these treasonous dirt bags cops, and if you are not willing to demand, and undertake the actions that are necessary to get rid of this police-terror-state, then don't be surprised when its your turn, because it MUST be what you wanted, since you did NOTHING to stop, or eliminate it.

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