Thursday, June 1, 2017

Supreme Court Grants Police Full Immunity To Slaughter Americans

Question: Isn't this kind of brutal, in your face tyranny what lead to the deaths of 100 million in China, 60 million in Russia, 20 million in Cambodia, and millions upon millions of dead in other zionist-jew controlled countries??

Answer: You bet it is.

But lets dwell right down to the rotted core of what their justification was,... and it comes down to a single commie term believe it or not,... "Qualified Immunity",...

OOooooooooo!!!!,... how do you like that one! Make you feel all tingly inside??

You see, in the end,... there is no way to legitimately allow something that is wholly illegal, or obviously a crime no matter who is committing it, so these PIC's (Physcos-In-Charge) then do the next best thing,... THEY MAKE IT UP!!!! (Ta-DAAAAAAAAA!!!!,.. horns blaring, people clapping, balloons falling from the ceiling,... and somewhere in the background, some announcers voice can be heard,.. "thanq hew!,.. thanq hew awl!",... thanq hew,... thnaq hew sew maach!".....)

FACT: We do NOT have any form of legitimate government in this country whatsoever, what we do have, is an EFIO: Enemy-Force-In-Occupation,.. a zionist-jew-communist occupation force to be specific, and they are part of the NWO, the ONE-World-Gov't crowd, and they DO have a plan for your future, and it does NOT include things like you keeping your current living standard, you owning property, wealth or firearms,... in fact,.. in THEIR plans for YOUR future,... they don't even include you STAYING ALIVE for long!

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