Thursday, January 12, 2017

Enemy Force In Occupation

"America Is Under Zionist-Jew, International-Communist Occupation!
America has been Infiltrated, Subverted, & Overthrown from within long before any of us were even born!
The satellite office of the International-Zionist-Jew-Communists is called,... The Federal Reserve!
The principle mechanisms are: Control of the currency, banking, financial, political, legal systems, & mass media!!!!
Never in human history, have so few, controlled so many by simple deception, coercion, and brutal suppression.
The locus of Financial Control - The Exchange Stabilization Fund!
The locus of Deception Control - Zionist-jews owning approx. 95% of the worlds mass-media!
The locus of Judicial and Political Control - A Zionist-jew controlled den of traitors mistakenly called gov't!
Solutions that will NOT work - The soap box, ballot box, or jury box!
The only box that will work - the cartridge box!
The ONLY true Solution - Exercise your 2nd Article Right, and exterminate the traitors and zionists within, and outside the USA,... ALL OF THEM!!!
Looks like its time for the men of this country to step up,.. and start acting like men again!"
JD US Marine Fighting Tyranny

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