Monday, December 7, 2015

Pearl Harbor Day

At 7:55 A.M. Honolulu time, the first bomb hit Pearl Harbor. Minutes later the U.S.S. Oklahoma was hit by five torpedoes, the West Virginia by six, the California by two, the Utah by two, and the Detroit, Raleigh, and Helena by one each. 

By 10:00 A.M., 18 ships were sunk, beached or badly damaged, including the battleships Arizona, Oklahoma, West Virginia, California, Tennessee, Maryland, Pennsylvana, and Nevada; the target ship Utah; destroyers Downes, Shaw, and Cassin; the minelayer Oglala; cruisers Helena, Honolulu, and Raleigh; the seaplane tender Curtiss; and the repair ship Vestal. In addition, 188 planes were destroyed and 159 were damaged.

Casualties included 2, 008 sailors killed, 710 wounded; 218 soldiers killed, 346 wounded; 109 marines killed, 69 wounded; 68 civilians killed, 35 wounded.

                                           Pearl Harbor & F.D.R. (Video link)

Crusade in the Pacific - Part 1 The Pacific in Eruption
World War II documentary series produced by Time in 1951 for theatrical release and later shown on t.v.  "Crusade in the Pacific" remains one of the most comprehensive documentaries of the Pacific Campaign on land, sea and air. In 24 separate 25 minute episodes, "Crusade" journals the War through rarely seen footage, and narrated by  Westbrook Van Voorhis. The Pacific in Eruption is part 1, and  is a general overview of the entire series.

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