Wednesday, October 21, 2015

EXCLUSIVE: Feds Disappear Native American That Cops Tried To Assassinate

In this video Luke Rudkowski travels to Nevada to interview the Lantry family that have gone through the greatest injustice a family could ever go through from the U.S Federal hey Government. When you watch this video you will understand how this is the most shocking and startling case of abuse of power.

If you can support the Lantry fundraiser so they can get their life in order and sue the feds PLEASE DO HERE.
I have been fighting for the Constitutional, civil rights of Americans since the 1980s. My family joined me in this fight in the ensuing years. These legal battles climaxed on December 2006, when the FBI and police colluded to  have my family murdered on false accusations to get us out of the way of the corrupt agendas of various government officials whose crimes we repeatedly exposed. Our home was invaded without a warrant. I was shot numerous times as well as my stepson, Jacob. I was disappeared by the FBI, hidden from my family under a false name in isolation, and medical care was withheld from me in the hopes that I would die. By a miracle, I survived and though we have lost everything, the police stole all of our money, and I was legally exiled from my home, we continue to this day to pursue justice for ourselves and for all. Please, consider contributing to our cause. Though we are homeless, we will never quit fighting for our rights and yours. We have a wonderful attorney fighting for us on contingency at great personal expense, which we would like to support. Please, contribute to our fight and share our story.

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