Monday, June 8, 2015


By Andrew Midkiff

Officer Bron Cruz of the Salt Lake City police, a murderous coward, shot to death unarmed 20 year old Dillon Taylor on August 11, 2014. Police get away with murder every day in the former republic of The United States of America, business as usual. Of course the main stream media is saying the video proves the shooting was justified. Look at the video (below) and judge for yourself, this was a cold blooded murder. The coward Cruz was in fear of his life, so he cut down this young man. No weapon was found on young Dillon and the police investigation would find no evidence that any person on the scene was carrying a gun. In the video Cruz can clearly be herd yelling at Dillon, "get your hands out now...get your hands out...get your ???? get them out" and the fatal shots were fired, one to the chest and one in the stomach. This PIG just decided he was not taking any chances, because he is a coward.

Dillon's girlfriend was pregnant with his child at the time. He was about to marry her, and he had a good paying job as a journeyman plumber. Dillon's brother and cousin say they were on their way to visit his parents graves and that Dillon was surprised by the police presence. He was not aggressive, they said. "He had headphones in, and he couldn't hear [anything], and then they finally surrounded him," Jerrail said. "They're like, 'Get on the ground,' and [he] pulled up his pants and [they] shot him." The District Attorney vindicated Officer Cruz’s actions, saying "Taylor's shooting was justified not because he posed an actual threat, but because Cruz reasonably perceived a threat". Taylor's shooting occurred just one week after the controversial shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo. But no mass protest for Dillon, and a google search for a photo of  Officer Bron Cruz can not be found. Unlike Officer Darren Wilson’s picture which was plastered on every news site that reported on it.

Some people believe Cruz had every right to shoot this young man, that he was just a punk that did not follow orders. People that love the police are people that live in fear. People want someone else to protect them so they can live in their own world, loving only a smart phone or some form of entertainment. These same people trust the government and cheer at the death of an innocent person. Come the revolution, this treasonous government will see mass police killings. Get on your knees now citizen, and get a bullet in the back of your head. The New World Order is here.

Family Photo of Dillon

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  1. I'm not the type of person to give up just because something gets rough. That's a coward. That's not me. See the link below for more info.