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Believe It Or Not!

By Leonard Crowder
Ca. 1942

In the vast realms of imagination, a realm noted for it's beautiful mansions, and great wealth, there is still to be found many who are able to afford for themselves only the bare necessities of life.

Such was the status of a meek little man whose name we will not attempt to make known, but will let it suffice to call him "Our Friend". Our Friend was not widely known, for he dwelt in a humble little cabin, quite a long distance from any city or town; yet he was highly esteemed by all who knew him, because of his kind friendly disposition and deep sympathy for his fellowmen.

Now, it is always been the custom of the realm that at certain intervals the Emperor chose by lot one of his subjects, a man of humble circumstances, and exalted him to a high place in his council. Upon the chosen one was conferred great wealth and high privileges of authority. So it is no surprise to us to learn that Our Friend, on hearing a knock and opening his door, found himself confronted by a royal delegation sent by the Emperor.

Our Friend, bowing humbly, presented himself at their service, as was the custom of the citizens in the presence of the emissaries of His Highness, the Emperor. Having paid his respects, he lost no time in making inquiry as to their mission to his humble home.

Then the spokesman of the representatives came forward, bowed low and said:
"Sir, we come to you in the name of His Highness, the Emperor, who sends you his greetings, and bids us deliver the intelligence your good fortune and report back in detail just what your wishes may be, since it has fallen to you to become one of the great in the realm."

"Sir, you have only to make known your desire and you shall be exalted to any position in the realm, save that of the Emperor himself. You shall have a magnificent castle in which to live, many servants to do your bidding, the richest of food and finest apparel. You will be tutored in all the wisdom of the realm, that you may become one of the wisest men of our time. You shall have bestowed upon you gold, diamonds and rubies until you become very rich and powerful. Then when your life is over, you shall be placed in a royal tomb and a great monument shall be erected to your honor that you may be remembered for many years to come."

" I have spoken, Sir, and we now await your answer."

For some time Our Friend stood in deep thought as if looking very far away. Then he began to speak.

"Kind Sirs, I am overwhelmed by such honor so graciously conferred upon me and hope that I may remain in the good graces of His Highness, the Emperor.

"I shall now tell you that which is in my heart: I count myself fortunate indeed to have been born a citizen of a wonderful country, and among a great and noble people. I can bring myself to ask no greater honor than to be allowed to remain one of the humblest among them. As for a home, I feel that my humble cabin is far better than I deserve. As for a position in life, I find none more honorable than toiling with my hands, and earning my bread by the sweat of my face. For servants, I would choose only those who through brotherly love and sympathetic kindness would minister willingly unto me in my time of need. For food, I desire only that humble fare necessary to nourish my body and keep me in health and give me strength for honest toil. Let me be clothed with apparel that befits the station of a humble servant. Let me never disdain to lend a hand to my fellowman anywhere at any time. As for wisdom, I would consider myself wise indeed if I could know my own self well enough to always choose that course that lends to the making of a better world for myself and my friends to live in. I desire not riches of gold and jewels; rather than gold I would choose to have the loving friendship of all those who know me; instead of diamonds and rubies, may I treasure beautiful thoughts of all my friends. Nor would I ask for more power than at all times to be able to withstand evil and keep a clean conscience. When the time has come for my body to be laid to rest, I make no choice but feel that any place the earth may receive my remains will be good enough for me. I desire no monument but cherished memories in the hearts of those who love me."

"Kind Sirs, I thank you and please bear to His Highness the highest regards of his most unworthy servant."

After Our Friend had thus spoken, the messengers bowed low and without saying a word, turned and started on their return journey with bowed heads. Each was solemnly thinking his own thoughts, for they knew deep down in their hearts that the poor man with all his lack of worldly goods was richer than all of them.

Though he had never commanded an army, he was gifted with a strategy that would assure him victory in all life's battles. He had never been known to sit in the council of the wise, yet he possessed that rare wisdom that eventually would lead men to live in peace throughout the world. Neither did he have gold, but he had that contentment of mind that gold could not buy. He had no jewels, but locked deep within his heart was a pearl of great price. Therefore, the world had nothing of value to offer him. 

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Coming November 4th a Communist Revolution Near You

Found at SHTFplan 
The Communist Party along with other groups like Antifa have been planing for months on a protest starting November 4th, and are calling for the overthrow of the United States government. Someone should tell them the United States government has all ready been overthrown by the military industrial complex, CIA, banks, corporations, the MOSSAD and Israel.